MACPool is home to other local sporting clubs and events so if you want to do more than just swim check out these clubs.

Mid Argyll Tri and Cycle Club

Mid Argyll Triathlon and Cycle Club competes in novice, sprint, Olympic and Ironman triathlons. They also have members who just like to swim, cycle or run for fun. The club runs the annual MacQueen Bros Mid Argyll Triathlon at MACPool. Mid Argyll Triathlon and Cycle Club welcome people of all abilities from elites to couch potatoes. For further info please contact the club at midargyll(at)

Mid Argyll Dolphins

Mid Argyll Dolphins is for young people who can already swim, typically having completed MACPool’s ‘Learn to Swim’ programme, The club aims to improve swimming technique, build fitness and stamina, develop competitive swimming and promote water safety.