Mid Argyll Community Pool (MACPool) is a social enterprise, owned and operated by Mid Argyll Community Enterprises Ltd (MACEL), and is a Registered Charity. The swimming pool opened in March 1996 after many years of fundraising by the local community.
Argyll is surrounded by water. Swimmers can stay safe and make the most of the area’s outdoor water sports by developing their skills in the pool.
Swimming is fantastic all round exercise – giving a work out to all of the body’s major muscle groups and the cardio vascular system. Our lessons, sessions and classes are geared towards helping everyone from complete beginners to experienced athletes make the most of their time in the water.
We’re working to reduce our carbon footprint. The pool’s heating system is provided by a biomass boiler, which is considered by the Carbon Trust to be carbon neutral.
It’s also a more cost efficient way to heat the pool – so we can invest more in our facilities.
We’re grateful for the support we receive from our sponsors.