MACPool will be hosting the following event organised by the Mid Argyll Living Well Network on 28th January 2023.

Please note: this will effect our usual timetable.




MALWN wellbeing event Calendar Jan 28th 2023:

For a Happy, Healthy me in 2023, you are invited to book our fun tryout sessions below!

Therapy room
Phone 01546 603231 to  book your personal session
Large meeting room
More fun stuff



12:00 – 12:15

Reflexology taster session 1

12:00 – 12:25

Tai Chi with Lynda Syed

FREE 10 places

Book here.

Soft Play for all little ones under age 6. FREE from 12 – 4pm



The café is open 12:30 – to 3pm serving hot and cold drinks, nourishing soups and healthy options.





Lots of free taster sessions to whet your appetite and let you try new things – the pool staff will be on hand to guide you round the facilities.


Info and opportunities on offer from: Live Argyll’s Community Learning team, Blarbuie Rangers, Public Health team, Versus Arthritis and info on grants for cost of living.



Community Cycling Ardrishaig will be on hand to help you with a bike safety check or advise on how to get out and about on your bike.


Display by MS Centre members- personal reflections on Wellbeing.

12:15- 12:30 Reflexology taster session 2
12:30pm – 12:55

Session 1:

Families with a child with support needs – FREE 30 places (Book here).


Reflexology taster session 3

12:30- 12:55

Live Argyll Sports Centre fitness demo

FREE 30 places Book here.


Reflexology taster session 4

13:00- 13:25

Session 2:

Family fun – FREE 30 places (Book here).

13:00-13:15 Reflexology taster session 5 13:00 -13:25

Boxercise 1

FREE 15 places

Book here .

13:15-13:30 Reflexology Taster session 6
13:30 – 14:15

Session 3:

Aqua Fit with Karen


FREE 20 places -adult only. (Book here).


13:30 – 13:45

Reflexology taster session 7

13:30- 13:55

Boxercise  2

FREE 15 places


Book here.

13:45- 14:00

Reflexology taster session 8


Massage taster session 1

14:00 – 14:25

Hatha Yoga with Keri

FREE – 10 places


Book Here.


Massage taster session 2

 14:30- 14:55

Session 4:

Float Fit HIIT

FREE 6 places -adult only.  (Book here).

14:30- 14:45

Massage taster session 3

14:30- 14:55

Hatha Yoga with Keri

FREE 10 places


Book here.


Massage taster session 4


Session 5:


FREE 6 places -adult only. (Book here).

15:00 – 15:15

Massage taster session 5

15:00 – 15:25

Belly dancing with Kerrie Ann Noor

FREE 15 places


Book here.


Massage taster session 6





Massage taster session 7


Sleepio with The MS Centre

FREE –drop-in

15:45-16:00 Massage taster session 8





Aquacycling – Cardio based class using submersible bikes. For adults only

ASN- swimming for families with children with Additional support needs


Belly dancing

Belly dancing is a form of dancing like no other.

In a taster session Kerrie Ann Noor will explain some of the differences, show you how to move your hips and shoulders as a Belly Dancer would and leave you with a few simple moves you can practise at home.

The moves are gentle, fun and adaptable for any ages and stage of fitness and can help to ease tension in the shoulders and back.

If nothing else the class will be fun. 🙂



An exercise concept based on the training methods used by boxers. A high intensity interval session, which involves hitting focus pads, there is never any sparring, so the class is safe. It is a fun and challenging workout, great for dealing with stress, great for aiding with weight loss and increasing fitness, accessible to all ages and fitness levels.


Café – the Pool café have a special free menu of nourishing food and tasty treats to reward those who have tried something new on the day.

Community Cycling Ardrishaig

Interested in cycling but don’t know how to get started?  Cycled earlier in life and want to get your confidence back?  Thinking about a pushbike or ebike and can’t afford to buy one? Want you and your children to be confident cyclists?  Thinking about volunteering at a bike project?

Come along  and find out what we do, how you might use the project and how you could contribute to it.



Family Fun – Fun session with floats and toys to be enjoyed by the whole family

Float Fit HIIT -High Intensity Interval workout on water. A 30 minute full body class, includes squats, mountain climbers and lunges. Suitable for adults and any fitness level


Live Argyll staff will be onsite delivering a 10 minute Legs Bums and Tums taster session designed to tone and sculpt your legs bum and stomach and a 10 minute fat burning workout designed to maximise burning fat and increase your metabolic rate. A ten minute question and answer session will follow where Level 2 trainer Lauren and level 3 Personal Trainer Iain s will be open to questions to help you with your fitness and wellbeing journey.


Massage sessions

Deep tissue neck and shoulder massage, which rids the body of tension and knots in the muscles. Most people hold stress and worry in their shoulders and neck. Deep Tissue massage, forces the body to relax, therefore relaxing the mind and helping you to de-stress. Deep tissue massage is also used to help manage joint conditions such as arthritis, and can help the body in the recovery process from injury or surgery.




Reflexology is a complementary therapy that takes a holistic approach towards healing the body. It uses a unique method of thumbs & fingers on the feet to help bring the body back into balance.

There are Reflex Areas on the feet that correspond to all the Organs, Systems & parts of the body so that the entire organism can benefit from a treatment. Reflexology supports the body’s natural healing response to help it return towards Homeostasis.



Sleepio is a Big Health programme that uses cognitive behaviour techniques that are backed by decades of clinical research and have been rigorously tested and studied to help you get better sleep.

All in about 20 minutes per week.

This session will introduce you to the Sleepio app and breakdown what to expect in the 6 sessions.


Soft Play – for under 6s, MAYDS staff will be on hand allowing wee ones to try this for free today.


Tai Chi – Shibasi tai chi is a gentle,  beautiful and flowing exercise that is both a joy to do and deeply relaxing.  If offers numerous health benefits that significantly slow the process of ageing.




Hatha Yoga looks at traditional Yoga poses in a more spacious way, staying in a shape for a few minutes. During each class there will be a strong focus on the breath as a tool to steady the mind and provide focus in a pose.

Suitable for beginners to Yoga & experienced Yogis alike, this class aims to empower you with the practice of Hatha Yoga and all the tools that you need to take continue on your Yoga journey.

Book one of only 10 spaces Here.


Awesome partnership working from:

Mid Argyll Youth Development Services

MS Snowdrop Centre

Argyll and Bute Council

Live Argyll

Argyll and Bute HSCP