The ability to be able to swim is incredibly vital skill to possess, especially in the very rural/coastal area that we live in. It is one of the few sports which could save your life. In addition, being taught how to swim will help develop your child’s confidence as well as their swimming ability.

 Finding a hobby that your child will fall in love with can be challenging in such a secluded spot however swimming could be one of the most beneficial choices that are attainable on this area. Learning to swim will help develop flexibility and stamina as well as improving posture, balance and strength. Swimming will also keep your child’s lungs and heart healthy boosting their overall health.

The physical benefits of learning to swim are in abundance however swimming can simultaneously improve your child’s mental health.  Children partaking in swimming lessons will be challenged in more unique ways, allowing their self- confidence to grow which then in turn will give them the reassurance to  believe in their abilities in other aspects of their lives more than if they had not been introduced to swimming lessons. Your child learning to swim will also give them the opportunity to develop alongside socialising with children that are similar in age and swimming ability that they perhaps wouldn’t have met outside of their swimming lessons.

 On top of those benefits, swimming is one of the most accessible sports for children that may have additional needs. Our Learn to Swim programme is incredibly inclusive enabling children of all ages and abilities to join swimming lessons.

Gaining the skill of swimming as a child can be considered easier than when they are older as most children have less fear than an adult trying to learn to swim. A child’s pure excitement for they task can sometimes overtake the fear.

If you are interested in enrolling your child into the LTS scheme download the booking from our website.