sophieThrough my work with MACPool I recently gained my swimming teaching qualification from the Swim Teachers Association (STA). I teach up to three times a week. I was motivated to become a swimming teacher, as it was a chance to learn many invaluable and transferable skills to take through life. Teaching also appealed to me due to the varied nature and abilities of the children I would be teaching, as well as having the chance to interact with a wider section of the community in which I live.

During my course I was taught a basic range of skills and techniques that would effectively allow me to teach each stoke. On top of this much of the work we did focused on building children’s confidence in the water, a vital first step in teaching a child how to swim. If a child is not relaxed in the water then it becomes a lot harder for them to grasp the basics of a stroke, therefore it’s an excellent idea to start bringing your children to the pool from a young age and get them water confident!

I really enjoy teaching swimming; no two lessons are the same thus allowing me to keep interested and passionate about what I’m teaching. I also find it extremely rewarding seeing children improve due to my guidance and to see them progress to the next level in our swimming programme. Most of all I enjoy getting to know the children I teach. There is nothing more satisfying than being able to do something you enjoy as part of your job.

Sophie Evans-Steele 🙂