Goggles are for geeks right? Wrong! If you’re swimming and not wearing goggles you’re making life harder for yourself, putting unnecessary strain on your neck and compromising your stroke.

Here’s five reasons why you should be wearing goggles every time you swim:

  1. You can see where you’re going. No more crashes, near misses or swimming in wobbly lines. If you usually wear glasses you can buy goggles made to your prescription – no more squinting or wondering if the person at the other end of the pool is a friend or not.
  2. It’s more comfortable to swim when the water isn’t in your eyes. And if you’re more comfortable you’ll feel like staying in the pool for longer, so you’ll get fitter quicker. We use as few chemicals in the pool as we can but some of them can irritate your eyes. Avoid itchy red eyes by wearing your goggles.
  3. You’ll improve your stroke. If you try to swim freestyle with your head out of the water your feet will sink and you’ll be swimming ‘uphill’. Drop your face into the water and your feet will come up, helping you keep your body position flatter – and making it easier to move through the water.
  4. Your neck will thank you. Swimming with your head out of the water puts incredible strain on your neck and shoulder muscles. Stretch your head forwards and into the water and you’ll free up the tension in your neck and get more benefit from stretching as you swim.
  5. You’ll look like a pro – not a geek. Ever seen an Olympic swimmer without goggles? They’re an essential piece of kit. And we have a huge range at MacPool in all styles, colours and tints so you’ll find your perfect pair. Pool members get 10% discount on all our goggles.

So what are you waiting for? Go google some goggles!