Adult and Child Certificates4_A

New swimming lessons for tiny tots accompanied by adults.

We’re offering brand new lessons for our youngest swimmers, giving children from 6 months onwards the chance to become water babies.
Adults and children will follow the Scottish Swimming Adult and Child Swimming Syllabus. Each session over the eight week block is aimed at getting babies and young children comfortable and confident in the water, so when they’re older they become naturally confident swimmers.

At the end of the course adults and children can return to the pool to practice their new skills and move onto the next suitable level when the child is old enough.

Tadpole sessions are for children aged 6-15 months and will take place at 10am on Saturday mornings and are followed at 10.30am by frog classes, for children aged 16 months to 2 years 6 months . Duckling (2 years 6 months to 3 years 6 months) and Otter (3years 6 months onwards) classes will start in January

Cost £40 for the 8 week course and the 30 minute lessons start on the 26th October.